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Nandan Coffee


Job Description:

Sales and Operations manager will lead a tight knit team, communicating effectively between senior management and ground level staff to ensure timely deliveries of products, cost minimisation and increasing sales. This is a small company with ample performance based, growth opportunity and access to senior management.

  •     Daily Data Entry in Tally
        Track sales and online orders
        Prepare weekly MIS and sales report
        Maintain inventory
        Respond to customer needs and requirements
        Update senior management on day to day activities
        Contact potential customers
  •     Proficient in Excel and Tally (use of formulas and shortcuts, navigate models)
        Fluent in English
        Must be able to effectively communicate through emails.
        Minimum 1 Year of Work Experience
key skills:

Proficient in Exel and Tally (use of formulas and shortcuts, navigate models),Fluent in English

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